Apr 11 2014

REVIEW: Feed Maxi (app)

feed maxi

With Autism Awareness month continuing through April, it’s been a great time to check into buying new apps out there; many apps developed for children with autism have reduced their prices or are being offered for free for a limited time. One app that I came across this week was Feed Maxi, and it’s been …

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Apr 04 2014

QBLOG: Autism Acceptance 2014: Shout-out to siblings!

autism acceptance 2014

This past Wednesday, April 2nd, was the seventh annual World Autism Awareness Day. While I find it quite fitting that this international holiday began in the same year that Quentin and Fiona were born, I prefer to call it Autism Acceptance Day, a movement started by others. But where would Quentin be without his built-in …

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Mar 28 2014

QBLOG: An Open Letter to Ryan Murphy

Gwyneth Paltrow mocking Temple Grandin on Glee

[Please excuse the interruption of the usual musings on Quentin, autism, children's media & technology. This week, I need to get something off my chest.]   Dear Mr. Ryan Murphy,   This week, Glee had a segment that deeply offended me. It came quickly and without warning. It also had no connection to the plot …

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Mar 21 2014

QBLOG: A dental check-up to smile about!

This really happened!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I witnessed a small miracle this week. I saw Quentin climb into a dental chair and sit in it for an entire dental-check up! Why was this such an amazing sight? Well, just six months ago, at his last check-up, it took me, the dentist, and a strong assistant to hold him …

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Mar 13 2014

QBLOG: Autism selfies

sad face/ tongue

Most children with more severe forms of autism are notoriously hard to photograph. Instead of smiling and posing for a picture, they are squirming, making faces, or running around. This was definitely true for us in Quentin’s early years – he hated to pose for photos, and most of the good ones came out blurry. …

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Mar 07 2014

It’s my 2-year Blog-iversary: Help me celebrate with a survey!

Quentin mimicking an episode of "Ni Hao, Kai Lan"

  Hello dear iQ Journals readers! It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since I began this blog, but it’s true! I’d like to celebrate this landmark date by doing something that we Researchers enjoy most: Gather some data to analyze. Please help me improve by taking a moment to answer a few …

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Feb 28 2014

COOL STUFF: Alarm Underwear!

no offense, goodnites

A little over a month ago, I read a post by fellow blogger Lisa who writes at Autism Wonderland. She wrote about her struggles with nighttime dryness for her eight-year-old. She was going to try a new kind of alarm underwear – something that sounds an alarm when liquid is detected in his pants. Not …

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Feb 21 2014

QBLOG: School break and screen time

Even our craft projects are screens!

So there I was, reading a message on my iPhone while my two kids were plugging away at their own screens. It was a message on the Special Needs list I belong to in my area, and a mother was sending out a desperate plea for help: “How do you do it?” she was asking. …

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Feb 14 2014

REVIEW: Dollar Up (app)

dollar up

When I heard that there was a new learning app about money that was specifically designed for children with autism spectrum disorders, I knew I wanted to review it. This is the kind of practical learning I need to do more of with Quentin, in order to prepare him for the real world. Prerequisites for …

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Feb 07 2014

QBLOG: Disney’s Frozen and parenting autism

Elsa from Frozen

As I slip-walk along the icy sidewalks on this morning, I am reminded of Frozen – Disney’s latest animated feature film. Elsa would have been fine with this, I think. I took Fiona to see this movie a few months ago. (Quentin cannot sit still for more than about 20 minutes through any given event, …

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