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We attended a family event a few weeks ago. The photographer was Marj Kleinman, and because she’s a good friend of mine, she offered to take some family photos. At first, our posing looked cute, but it lacked something special. Then we noticed that Quentin was holding his arms out […]

QBLOG: Family Photos with ASD

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Dear Universal Studios, When parents like me bring their child with autism and ADHD to big theme parks, we never quite know what to expect. So much about theme parks, in general – the crowds, the noise, the waits, and the unpredictable nature of how rides will go – make […]

QBLOG: Thank you, Universal Studios Orlando!

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I am very aware that April 2 is Autism Awareness Day. I am also of the mind, as so many bloggers have posted before me, that I don’t be need to be made “aware” of autism; I live it 24/7 with my son. Instead, I need others to accept Quentin […]

QBLOG: Autism Acceptance & fashion statements

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It’s come to my attention – mostly due to the fantastic comments and feedback I’ve gotten from writing this blog – that I’m not the only one who has an autistic child who watches and interacts with media and technology is such quirky and beautiful ways. I’m now collecting stories […]

What’s YOUR story about autism and screen time?

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Ah, the struggles. One of the many things parents of autistic children struggle with happens to be something that all parents struggle with: Getting the kids to brush their teeth properly. Going to the dentist is hard enough! (Read my previous review of a going-to-the-dentist app and another one about […]

REVIEW: Brush Up: The Toothbrushing Training Game (app)

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My son, Quentin, is an 8-year-old who loves to spin, jump, and swing. He loves to make snow angels and take long bubble baths. He likes to run into local stores to look for his favorite logos, and ask everyone he meets their name. But his favorite thing in the […]

Why I don’t have screen limits for my child with ...

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It’s not easy finding gifts for Quentin. He doesn’t exactly like typical playthings. He also doesn’t ever come right out and ask for any toys. Every year to prepare for the holidays, I go through catalogs and prowl lists on the internet looking for toys that I think he would […]

QBLOG: Gift request

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The internet exploded with the news this week: Sesame Street has a new muppet, and it’s a girl with autism! Well, at least my version of the internet exploded. On Facebook and Twitter, I have the habit of following people who are involved with a few different categories, but they […]

REVIEW: Sesame Street’s Autism Initiative

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For those of you who don’t know me personally, understand this little tidbit about me: I’m a huge musical theater geek. This part of my personality solidified long before I had children. I’m the person who, as a child, used to “perform” musical theater numbers for my parents and their […]

QBLOG: A Hakuna Matata Moment (or, Quentin’s First Broadway Show)

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It’s been a crazy summer in our home and I haven’t had the time for this blog. It’s the good kind of crazy, for the most part, in that we are all very busy doing our own things. Well, perhaps everyone else is fine and it’s just me, the mom, […]

QBLOG: Summer of Reading… and Tech

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Every parent likes to think that his or her child – or children – is talented, or even extraordinary in some way. For example, when I describe Fiona to people who have never met her before, I always emphasize her creative mind and storytelling capabilities. She has this internal drive […]

QBLOG: Testing

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A few weeks ago Quentin approached me with a one-word request (as most of his requests are). “Dora,” he said, looking at me imploringly. “Dora the Explorer?” I asked. “Do you want me to turn on Nick Jr?” “No!” he replied, quick to stop me from looking for the remote. […]

QBLOG: Quentin the Picasso Expert