Oct 23 2015

REVIEW: Sesame Street’s Autism Initiative


The internet exploded with the news this week: Sesame Street has a new muppet, and it’s a girl with autism! Well, at least my version of the internet exploded. On Facebook and Twitter, I have the habit of following people who are involved with a few different categories, but they mostly fall under the umbrellas …

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Sep 28 2015

QBLOG: A Hakuna Matata Moment (or, Quentin’s First Broadway Show)

lionking marquis

For those of you who don’t know me personally, understand this little tidbit about me: I’m a huge musical theater geek. This part of my personality solidified long before I had children. I’m the person who, as a child, used to “perform” musical theater numbers for my parents and their friends in our living room …

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Aug 28 2015

QBLOG: Summer of Reading… and Tech

F reading

It’s been a crazy summer in our home and I haven’t had the time for this blog. It’s the good kind of crazy, for the most part, in that we are all very busy doing our own things. Well, perhaps everyone else is fine and it’s just me, the mom, who is going crazy making …

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Jul 24 2015

QBLOG: Testing

standford binet

Every parent likes to think that his or her child – or children – is talented, or even extraordinary in some way. For example, when I describe Fiona to people who have never met her before, I always emphasize her creative mind and storytelling capabilities. She has this internal drive to create her own worlds …

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Jun 02 2015

QBLOG: Quentin the Picasso Expert


A few weeks ago Quentin approached me with a one-word request (as most of his requests are). “Dora,” he said, looking at me imploringly. “Dora the Explorer?” I asked. “Do you want me to turn on Nick Jr?” “No!” he replied, quick to stop me from looking for the remote. “Dora,” he said again. And …

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May 15 2015

QBLOG: On Memory and Autism


“What makes us smile from the inside is seeing something beautiful, or a memory that makes us laugh. This generally happens when there’s nobody watching us. And at night, on our own, we might burst out laughing underneath the duvet, or roar with laughter in an empty room … when we don’t need to think about other …

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Apr 15 2015

INTERVIEW: Noel MacNeal, puppeteer


When I got word via social media that Noel MacNeal was creating a show just for kids with autism, I have to admit, I was a little excited. Most people know Noel as the character “Bear” from a show called Bear in the Big Blue House on Disney. That character was big, but not frightening; …

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Apr 01 2015

QBLOG: The seven-year-old self-advocate


The other day, I took Quentin to the playground. It’s been a long, harsh winter, and going to the playground felt like a novelty again. Quentin was very happy to walk there, because he got to practice his new found habit/ skill/ perseverative interest: Asking people what their name is. I know what you are …

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Mar 06 2015

QBLOG: The right kind of attention

getting attention

We spend a lot of time paying attention to Quentin. We pay attention to him when he eats. (“Get back in your chair please, Quentin.”) We pay attention when gets off the bus. (“No, don’t eat the snow, Quentin. Bunny cookie snack inside!”) We pay attention when he uses the bathroom. (“Wash hands, please. Good …

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Feb 27 2015

REVIEW: YouTube Kids app – An ASD perspective

youtube kids

The highly anticipated YouTube Kids app launched this week, which generated a lot of buzz among children’s media and tech professionals. Reviews have been pouring in left and right. People have big opinions about one of the world’s most popular video sites/ apps turning to the kids’ market. Most of the reviews have been fairly …

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