Dear Readers, Happy new year to you! I am so grateful that you continue to read this blog, even with my inconsistent and sporadic postings throughout the past year. As this blog nears its six-year anniversary (SIX YEARS?! That seems impossible!), I am humbled by anyone who bothers to read my random […]

Happy New Year!

At a certain age, we learn this about gifts: It IS better to give than to receive. So this holiday, I’d like you to join me in this feeling of total joy from giving a present to someone. The gift in question is a photo blanket. And the gift-receiver is […]

QBLOG: The Photo Blanket

Quentin, like so many people with autism, still enjoys TV shows and movies from his preschool days. I’m not sure if this phenomenon is because of the strong memory that so many people with autism seem to have, or if it’s just a need for the routine of what they have […]

QBLOG: Laurie Berkner, my hero

Okay, I’ll admit it: When I first read Judith Newman’s New York Times op-ed called “To Siri, With Love,” I shared it everywhere. (Well, truthfully, “everywhere” for me is Facebook and Twitter.) Not only that, but everyone I know seemed to be sharing it directly with me! I was getting emails […]

INTERVIEW: Judith Newman, author of “To Siri, With Love”

Nothing lights up my social media feeds like something in pop culture that includes a character with autism. Last week, when Netflix introduced “Atypical,” an eight-episode series, I was immediately inundated with all kinds of reviews. Surprisingly, opinions appear to vary widely. Some people adore this show, while others are […]

REVIEW: ‘Atypical’ on Netflix – an Autism Mom’s POV

“Mommy iPhone!” That’s the call of the Quentin-bird, coming from the back seat of the car. It’s one of this particular specimen’s most common calls these days. He speaks in commands, almost exclusively in nouns. The volume of this request is loud, and if you don’t respond, it gets even […]

My Autistic 10-year-old is Stalking You on Facebook

Exciting times in our household: Quentin and Fiona just celebrated their 10th birthday! It’s hard to believe that my babies are now in double-digit territory. But once again we were at the annual Big Question: What kind of presents would work for Quentin? People who come to Quentin’s party always […]

QBLOG: Mr. Potato Head!

Every now and then, the news cycle has a story about screen time and children that makes me shake my head. While these stories are meant to showcase the latest research, they instead almost always feature fear-inducing headlines that make parents feel guilty for allowing their children to interact with […]

RESEARCH REVIEW: Is handheld screen time use associated with language ...

Giving Voice: Mobile Communication, Disability, and Inequality is the latest book from Dr. Meryl Alper. For those of you who are long-time readers of the iQ Journals, Alper’s name might be familiar to you; I interviewed her for this blog several years ago. In this new book, she explores the […]

REVIEW: Giving Voice: Mobile Communication, Disability, and Inequality

It was about a year and a half ago that Sesame Street launched it’s Autism Initiative and I was so excited. I wrote a review about it on this blog. Mostly, my review was positive. A main sticking point, for me, was that they created Julia, an autistic Muppet, but […]

Hopes and Fears for an Autistic Muppet

What would your life be like if words – and wordplay – were your favorite things, but you were not able to hold a conversation? This is basically where we are right now with Quentin. He is no longer nonverbal. Hooray! This alone is HUGE for us. I never thought […]

QBLOG: Word association

  I lost Quentin one day last week. That is, he ran away and could not be found. It was just about 10 or 15 minutes, but time seemed to stop and slow down during the whole episode. It was around 6:30pm. The babysitter had left and I was playing […]

QBLOG: Elevators and Elopement