About this blog

That’s a little “i”  – for investigating – and big “Q” – for Quentin.

This blog has several purposes.

First, it is about my son, Quentin, and his unquenchable thirst for visual media. I am in awe of him, constantly trying to figure him out. Therefore, a section of this blog is simple running record of what I am observing. Because Quentin is mostly non-verbal, it is difficult to understand how he is thinking. I’m going to work hard to interpret what I see. His twin, Fiona, will also forge a path into this section; she is a useful comparison. Like Piaget, I am hoping that this serves as a kind of microgenetic study of my own children.  You can find these observations in the “QBLOG” category.

Secondly, I want to know if my son with ASD is typical others on the spectrum. As a parent, I am completely confused as to whether media and technology is a help or a hindrance in his development. I am always looking for guidance in how to deal with the ever-changing digital options available as learning tools for my very special kids. Armed with skills given to me via my doctorate degree and access to current journals (thank you, Teachers College, Columbia University!), I plan to offer my take on the current research pertaining to these questions. You can find my thoughts about research under the RESEARCH category.

Thirdly, as I explore new TV shows, ipad/iphone apps, DVDs, websites and various other products with my son, I will review them. My policy is to review products fairly; in other words, if you want me to review your product, I might agree to it, but that might not mean it automatically gets a good review. I will judge products based partly on how my children or other children I know interact with them. (Note: If you are interested in any of these products, please click through the links I provide to purchase them! This helps me fund the upkeep of this blog.) My REVIEWS category will cover all of these.

Fourthly, I do like to get out in the world and interact with people sometimes. Sometimes those interactions are with producers of educational content. Sometimes those interactions are with researchers. I definitely interact with other parents of children on the autism spectrum, too! Because I’m lucky enough to be connected to a wide variety of folks, I plan to include a lot of interviews here. The INTERVIEWS category will overlap with others.

Lastly, there is a category for things in the autism or technology and media worlds that I can’t seem to categorize in the above, but would like very much to write about. These are news items, places of interest or projects in development. They cannot be reviewed, but I would like very much to share what I know. I call this the COOL STUFF category.

My hope is that this blog becomes a real resource for those struggling with similar issues. I want to create a community of voices here. Please feel free to comment on everything. Let’s learn from each other.