About Q

Q is for Quentin – an adorable, cuddly, fun, little boy. He has a happy disposition in life, despite his diagnosis. For this, I am grateful. He was born in the Spring of 2007, so this blog has followed him for almost half of his life at this point.

Quentin was one of those kids slow to make all those important milestones early in life. He did not sit up until he was about 12 or 13 months. Did not walk until he was 19 months. Because of all this, he started out with Early Intervention physical therapy. This led to other therapies – soon speech, OT, and Special Instruction were tacked on. This led to a preschool special ed placement, with more therapies, and finally, a diagnosis of PDD-NOS, which is a catch-all diagnosis for those kids “on the spectrum” but not any one particular type.

Quentin is lucky enough to have his Mom (me) and his Dad (Michael) ready to do whatever it takes to help him. He’s also very lucky to have a twin sister, Fiona, at his side. Fiona has her own “quirks” but for the most part, she is considered “neuro-typical” (a term I’ve never liked). She is a willing playmate, but he often rejects her attempts for interaction. Nonetheless, they are siblings – and twins at that – and so they’re in this mess together.

holding hands