What’s YOUR story about autism and screen time? 3

Autism and screensIt’s come to my attention – mostly due to the fantastic comments and feedback I’ve gotten from writing this blog – that I’m not the only one who has an autistic child who watches and interacts with media and technology is such quirky and beautiful ways. I’m now collecting stories about autism and screen time for a book project.

If you are a parent, teacher, therapist, or anyone who interacts with autistic kids around media and technology, I want to hear from you! In particular, I’m looking for stories about:

  • scripting (aka “delayed echolalia”) of TV shows, movies, games, or books
  • re-enactments of visual media
  • points of rewinding and fast-forwarding
  • perseverative affinities or interests (“obsessions”) with visual features, auditory features, or characters
  • co-viewing experiences
  • closed captioning use
  • video modeling as an effective educational approach
  • amazing stories of screens and autism

I’m looking for both positive and negative experiences, but especially things that stand out to you as interesting and important to investigate.

Do you have a story for me? If so, click here to fill out a short survey. I’ll be contacting you for a longer conversation at a later date.

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might have a good story to tell!

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