It’s always a crap shoot with school pictures – you send your kid to school in nice clothes (preferrably nothing with a chewed collar or torn at the sleeves), you pay your money to the photographer, and you hope for the best. Then sometimes, magic happens. I don’t normally share […]

QBLOG: That’s my boy!

Quentin’s newfound love, passion, and enthusiasm is the TV show Blue’s Clues. This warms my heart. I’ll explain why his new favorite thing makes me feel good, and then offer some thoughts as to why it’s so appealing to his autistic brain. First, know that Quentin’s other passions – corporate […]

QBLOG: Blue’s Clues – the new passion

Quentin is nine years old. Technically, that puts him in fourth grade. (In reality, he has no real grade; he has always been grouped with kids within 3 years of his age range. This is how it goes for many special needs kids.) For the first time since he was […]

QBLOG: Why we are done with the ABA school

When I heard that the Sundance Channel in the U.S. would be airing the British show “The A Word,” I knew I had to watch. I have often bemoaned the fact that there is not enough representation of autistic people in popular culture. (I have even been so bold as […]

REVIEW: ‘The A Word’ (television show)

I had the good fortune of seeing the new documentary, Life, Animated, last week in Brooklyn with Rooftop Films. And then… I saw it again at a special screening at the United Nations. I was very excited to see it; I’ve been following the film’s producers ever since it was […]

Review: Life, Animated (movie)

We attended a family event a few weeks ago. The photographer was Marj Kleinman, and because she’s a good friend of mine, she offered to take some family photos. At first, our posing looked cute, but it lacked something special. Then we noticed that Quentin was holding his arms out […]

QBLOG: Family Photos with ASD

Dear Universal Studios, When parents like me bring their child with autism and ADHD to big theme parks, we never quite know what to expect. So much about theme parks, in general – the crowds, the noise, the waits, and the unpredictable nature of how rides will go – make […]

QBLOG: Thank you, Universal Studios Orlando!

I am very aware that April 2 is Autism Awareness Day. I am also of the mind, as so many bloggers have posted before me, that I don’t be need to be made “aware” of autism; I live it 24/7 with my son. Instead, I need others to accept Quentin […]

QBLOG: Autism Acceptance & fashion statements

It’s come to my attention – mostly due to the fantastic comments and feedback I’ve gotten from writing this blog – that I’m not the only one who has an autistic child who watches and interacts with media and technology is such quirky and beautiful ways. I’m now collecting stories […]

What’s YOUR story about autism and screen time?

Ah, the struggles. One of the many things parents of autistic children struggle with happens to be something that all parents struggle with: Getting the kids to brush their teeth properly. Going to the dentist is hard enough! (Read my previous review of a going-to-the-dentist app and another one about […]

REVIEW: Brush Up: The Toothbrushing Training Game (app)

My son, Quentin, is an 8-year-old who loves to spin, jump, and swing. He loves to make snow angels and take long bubble baths. He likes to run into local stores to look for his favorite logos, and ask everyone he meets their name. But his favorite thing in the […]

Why I don’t have screen limits for my child with ...

It’s not easy finding gifts for Quentin. He doesn’t exactly like typical playthings. He also doesn’t ever come right out and ask for any toys. Every year to prepare for the holidays, I go through catalogs and prowl lists on the internet looking for toys that I think he would […]

QBLOG: Gift request