QBLOG: Happy Holidays!

Quentin winter showDear Blog Readers,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my ramblings. I know that you probably don’t find interest in all the quirky things that I want to explore (I am guessing that most of my audience is only interested in about half of what I have to say). But here you are – you have stuck with me, despite my nerdy tendencies.

As it is the holiday season, I know you are as busy as I am. However, I wanted to take a moment this week to thank you and share a personal victory for Quentin: He read a portion of a book out loud in front of a whole crowd of parents, teachers, and friends for his Winter Show celebration at school! It was a class sketch about “Frosty the Snowman” and he read part of the book. I captured the moment, which you can view here: (If you cannot play the movie in your browser, view it on YouTube directly by clicking here.)

Just in case you didn’t catch that, he was reading these lines:

“It must have been the magic in that old silk hat they found, for when they placed it on his head, he began to dance around. Oh Frosty the Snowman was alive as he could be. And the children say he could laugh and play just the same as you and me.”

Just last week, I wrote about how proud I was of Quentin’s reading abilities. This week, he had a chance to share his newfound skills with a larger crowd. I couldn’t have been more proud!

The iQ Journals will be taking a short hiatus for the next few weeks. Thanks for reading and you’ll be hearing more from me in the New Year!

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