QBLOG: The Photo Blanket 1

At a certain age, we learn this about gifts: It IS better to give than to receive.

So this holiday, I’d like you to join me in this feeling of total joy from giving a present to someone.

The gift in question is a photo blanket. And the gift-receiver is Quentin.

Originally, I thought I’d buy a photo book for him, with photos taken throughout the year. He has been increasingly fascinated by photos in his life – it’s what he looks for in his photostream on his iPad, or when he borrows my iPhone to look at Facebook, or when he is remembering a certain event, like visiting the ABC News station. But when I got to the photo book website I usually use, I noticed a new type of gift: A photo blanket! And what’s more cuddly than a bunch of photos of your family? I quickly assembled what his blanket should look like, and within a few days, it arrived!

Lo and behold, the following is his reaction to seeing the blanket. I hope you can feel the joy in these photos!



Nothing says “I love you” more than a cozy blanket filled with photo memories of all your relatives. Quentin adored it. I hope your holiday celebrations bring as much joy as this did for him. Happy holidays!


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