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About Me: Melissa Morgenlander, PhD

melissa quentin fionaDr. Melissa Morgenlander is a researcher and curriculum designer who is passionate about leveraging the power of television, games, video, and mobile technology for learning experiences for children. With a PhD in Cognitive Studies from Teachers College, Columbia University, she always takes a user’s perspective to figure out how they learn best from any particular medium. Sub-specialties include early childhood math learning and special education technology usage.

Currently, Melissa is the Director of Learning at InteractAble, a company that makes social skills apps. In addition, Melissa is an Educational Consultant to a variety of educational television shows, apps, after-school programs and educational start-ups. She has served as Research Manager at the Insitutue of Play, Director of Curriculum for Scoyo.com (Bertelsmann), the Curriculum Developer for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (a Disney show that focuses on math), and as a Math Content Consultant for Scholastic Magazine Group. She was also a key researcher for the landmark Big Math for Little Kids project, an innovative math curriculum for preschool classrooms. Over the years, Melissa has done research stints for several children’s media powerhouses such as Sesame Workshop, Cyberchase, Word World, and Little Einsteins.

Most importantly, Melissa possesses super-powers that influences all of her work: She is the mother of preschool twins. While this alone might seem like an incredible feat of strength, there is more – One of these twins is also on the Autism Spectrum. She takes great pride in both of them, and enjoys watching them grow up around the curriculum, media and tech projects that she has worked on.

Melissa’s first blog was The Co-Viewing Connection; it was born out of the research she conducted for her doctoral dissertation. The iQ Journals (what you are reading now) is a more up-to-date reflection of her new-found passion to link media and learning technologies with the phenomenon of Autism.

More about Melissa’s career can be found on her professional website: MelissaMorgenlander.com

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  1. Sarah

    Fantastic story Melissa, having twins doesn't seem to slow you down one bit.

  2. Educator

    Inspiring story Melissa, the kids are sooo cute :) Your story filled me with strength and determination.

  3. Neville Scott

    Its a good thing to use games and technology for learning, it can turn something considered boring into a fun approach.

  4. Maths Tuition

    fantastic and inspirational Melissa I admire your approach to help children learn.

  5. Julia

    great accomplishments! I hope to begin working on my PhD soon.

  6. amazon

    Melissa is an amazing woman with some great work in her portfolio, but what makes her more amazing is her two twins who look way too gracious. Thank god for this. I might consider her an inspirational character for doing some hard and smart work and even with her family, she had achieved a lot. Thanks for the story.

  7. Nurses Australia

    Awesome Melissa. Love your kids

  8. Satellite Direct

    Great portfolio Melissa… Hope you continue to do well in your endeavors. Keep making a difference.

  9. Fashion Jewelry

    Great information on your blog and nice family photo ;-)

  10. Ken Pickler

    You're amazing Melissa and your twins, Quentin and Fiona, are so adorable!

  11. Steven

    You are really great Melissa.

  12. lisaperry96

    Great work and great posts (y)

  13. Joseph Jackson

    Good work keep it up (y)

  14. Halong bay tours

    the kids are sooo cute :). Good work keep it up

    1. Melissa

      AproveTypos are courtesy of my iPhone

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